Friday, January 21, 2011

We are who we want to be

     This morning I was given off in order to be able to work tonight without overtime.   I was at home, relaxing, since I have all weekend to clean up around the house, I chose to relax, watch some tv (Criminal Minds has finally been cleared from my DVR) and spend time with my puppies.  I took a shower leisurely and then prepared for work at my own speed.  I fed my dogs, and watched them bask in the relatively warm winter day that we are having.  Then I put my coat on, grabbed my purse and change of clothes for the nightly job that lays ahead, and walked out the door locking it behind me, and got in the truck.  Yes Doug if you are reading, I took the truck, I like it...its big...and new...and cool to drive! 
     As I was driving I was listening to a song on the radio and as usual I allowed my mind to wander to a place where I was remembering all the things I love to do and love about my life, and a warm feeling came over me.  The past attributes to who we are and what we learn.  I feel as though I have learned a lot from the people that I have attached myself too.  I hope that my experiences and my joys and sorrows continue to be learning experiences that lead me to happier and happier places.  WE choose who we are, and therefore we choose who we want to be.

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