Monday, February 21, 2011


      No one is perfect.  I am no exception.  I worry about more than I should.  I care a lot about what people think of me (although this trait is becoming less and less over time.)  I make mistakes.  I have NO sense of direction.  I am extremely sarcastic.  I do enjoy watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail, (which my husband says is a problem :)  However, I do find that when I step back and look at my life I am truly happy.  Not just content.  Not just getting by day by day.  I am happy.  No things aren't perfect...Doug travels too much, I don't get paid enough, our bills are high, and our family is far away, but we have each other.  We are the fortunate ones that do have jobs.  We bring home enough money to pay for our house, our 2 precious dogs, and all our necessities.( as well as enough to support my DVD addiction)  But in the end, we have each other, and that really is enough to bring a smile to my face every time I think about it.  We are fortunate to have 2 sets of parents that love and support us, as individuals and as a couple.  We are a family.  And when we got married our family grew even bigger; or so we thought.  When you get married you are supposed to gain relatives...not lose them. Sometimes, I look around my house at all the pictures of the family, and I am saddened that those relationships seem to be slipping away.
      At work the other day, I had a deepened discussion with a close friend and co-worker.  It got a little uncomfortable, but we spoke through it anyway.  Two different ways of being brought up, different family cultures, different personalities, but friends and therefore we talk and argue, and in the end we celebrate our friendship with lunch or game nights.  How come that doesn't happen with families?  My friend and I haven't known each other too long.  Our friendship is new and some would say fragile, but we hold true to ourselves and we communicate and each day it makes our relationship stronger.  Communication is the key.  It is the key to all relationships.  Happy, sad, angry, mad, one must talk through their emotions!  Yes, I know we have moved into a technologically inclined age, where people feel more "comfortable" typing through Facebook, or blogs, or emails, or even text messages, the problem is...the message can become distorted.  The message although may be typed just as you meant it, leads to hurt feelings, which if you were talking (phone to phone or face to face) you can work through the discussion and come to an understanding no matter how big or small the issue is.  People don't talk anymore and because of it, many people end up with hurt feelings, and become angry, and those are the feelings that can tear families apart.  My husband and I are lucky.  We have great communication, we love our parents, and we love our in-laws.  I gained an extra set of parents and an extra grandma, and Doug gained 2 extra parents and 2 grandma's.  We would do anything for each other, and we would never hurt our family, or allow our spouse to hurt our family.  Communication is the key, the faster our generation steps back from technology and opens the doors of communication with those they are close too (or supposed to be close to) the better off everyone will be.  We're the lucky ones, we are the ones who get to love and be loved always and forever.

Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

Monday, February 14, 2011

And So it goes...

     Today is Valentines Day, and Doug isn't home from Virginia yet.  He did send me beautiful flowers today however, right to my job, which made it special.  Although, it didn't change the slightly jealous feeling that came over me when I sat and listened to how everyone was planning on spending their Valentines Day evening with their loved ones. matter how commercial, are never easy when your loved ones are away.  But, I did what I do best, I focused on other things and kept myself busy.  This task wasn't that difficult because today was our classroom Valentines Day party.  Clearly the person who decided that our party had to be on a Monday, has never been in a classroom!  It was chaotic and could very well set the tone for the rest of the week...although considering what the kids were faced with...Candy, games, and a PARTY they really did rather well. 
      Now that the party is over, and in fact the holiday itself is over, it is time to refocus my energy.  This week is full of tying up loose ends and moving forward on a pathway we as a family have already chosen.  My stress level will take a huge sigh of relief by the end of the week.  Wrongs will be made right, allowing us to move forward financially with our payment plans.  The house will get a makeover, (maybe even the puppies if all the snow melts) And my notebook will get a workout as well!  My computer will need a rest and my phone will need to be warmed up!  Recently things have gotten a little stagnate, but last friday was another successful game night, this time playing Scattegories first and ending with Loaded Questions.  Then a surprisingly entertaining Professional Development class about Environmental Practices in the classroom.  The weekend ended with a new determined look on a few things and plan of action!  Now its up to me to follow through!  Doug will be home in a few weeks, and I want him to enter into the next phase with me! 

Because Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Admired Dedication...

     Today as I was driving home from work in another wet snowfall in 35 degree weather, which coincidentally felt warm due to the miserable -15 degree weather we have had all week prior to today; there was a man on the corner with one of those arrow shaped advertisement signs.  Now they are just about on every street corner here, and some are more active than others.  However, keep in mind its dusk on my way home.  From across the street at the red light I couldn't even tell what he was trying to advertise, partly from being darker and partly because of the snowfall.  But this man continued to dance whole heartedly to him Ipod music as he spun and tossed the sign every which way imaginable.  Now, call me crazy but there isn't enough money in this world to have me spinning a sign in the snow in 35 degree weather, (even if it did feel warmer.)  As my light turned green and I was able to pass the gentleman with the sign I noticed two the sign wasn't for anything life saving it was for Sam's liquor store in the Southlands shopping center across the street from where this man was standing, and two...He was grinning from ear to ear!  Imagine it...snow...falling...wet...cold...spinning a sign on the corner...on a friday night....and still grinning?!?!??!  I couldn't believe what I saw.  I understand that in this economy a job is a job, and we should all be thankful for our good fortune that we are employed.  And its very important to like our job (at least most of the time)  Yet, I couldn't imagine ever being happy standing on a street corner in the snow and the cold.  Which gives me pause to think some more.  Perhaps there was more to it than what I saw.  Ahh "you can't judge a book by its cover."  I guess that applies to more than I realized.  Perhaps its important to just stay positive and happy in all that you do whether it is your first choice or not...Maybe that is what really would make the world go round? 

Some food for thought (at least for me)
Just living is not must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower!