Monday, February 21, 2011


      No one is perfect.  I am no exception.  I worry about more than I should.  I care a lot about what people think of me (although this trait is becoming less and less over time.)  I make mistakes.  I have NO sense of direction.  I am extremely sarcastic.  I do enjoy watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail, (which my husband says is a problem :)  However, I do find that when I step back and look at my life I am truly happy.  Not just content.  Not just getting by day by day.  I am happy.  No things aren't perfect...Doug travels too much, I don't get paid enough, our bills are high, and our family is far away, but we have each other.  We are the fortunate ones that do have jobs.  We bring home enough money to pay for our house, our 2 precious dogs, and all our necessities.( as well as enough to support my DVD addiction)  But in the end, we have each other, and that really is enough to bring a smile to my face every time I think about it.  We are fortunate to have 2 sets of parents that love and support us, as individuals and as a couple.  We are a family.  And when we got married our family grew even bigger; or so we thought.  When you get married you are supposed to gain relatives...not lose them. Sometimes, I look around my house at all the pictures of the family, and I am saddened that those relationships seem to be slipping away.
      At work the other day, I had a deepened discussion with a close friend and co-worker.  It got a little uncomfortable, but we spoke through it anyway.  Two different ways of being brought up, different family cultures, different personalities, but friends and therefore we talk and argue, and in the end we celebrate our friendship with lunch or game nights.  How come that doesn't happen with families?  My friend and I haven't known each other too long.  Our friendship is new and some would say fragile, but we hold true to ourselves and we communicate and each day it makes our relationship stronger.  Communication is the key.  It is the key to all relationships.  Happy, sad, angry, mad, one must talk through their emotions!  Yes, I know we have moved into a technologically inclined age, where people feel more "comfortable" typing through Facebook, or blogs, or emails, or even text messages, the problem is...the message can become distorted.  The message although may be typed just as you meant it, leads to hurt feelings, which if you were talking (phone to phone or face to face) you can work through the discussion and come to an understanding no matter how big or small the issue is.  People don't talk anymore and because of it, many people end up with hurt feelings, and become angry, and those are the feelings that can tear families apart.  My husband and I are lucky.  We have great communication, we love our parents, and we love our in-laws.  I gained an extra set of parents and an extra grandma, and Doug gained 2 extra parents and 2 grandma's.  We would do anything for each other, and we would never hurt our family, or allow our spouse to hurt our family.  Communication is the key, the faster our generation steps back from technology and opens the doors of communication with those they are close too (or supposed to be close to) the better off everyone will be.  We're the lucky ones, we are the ones who get to love and be loved always and forever.

Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

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