Wednesday, January 19, 2011


     Each week, my class learns a new letter.  And throughout the week, we practice how to write that letter, the sound the letter makes, as well as words that begin with that letter.  This week our letter of the week is the letter 'Cc'.  Now, this is a fairly easy letter to write for my class which allows me to focus more of my time and really understanding the sound and finding words that begin with the letter 'Cc.'  Now the first step...Ask class, "Please raise your hand and give me a word that begins with Cc."  Second step..."24 hands go up"  Third step..."receive words, and write all correct words on the board."  Then when the class has exhausted all the Cc words they can think of,  the fourth step goes something like this..."What do you eat in the morning for breakfast?"  Response...CEREAL!!!  "Where does a bear sleep when it hibernates?  Response...CAVE!!!!!  "Great Job!" "How about...what do you call a group of stars that create a picture in the sky if you could connect them? ... way in the back A CONSTELLATION!!!!  (Phew thank you student in the back!)  "Ok, last one...What kind of dog is Lassie?"  ** Little girl in the front raises her hand, "yes?"  Who's Lassie? 

     At what point did I become my teachers?  Who's lassie?  I'm 26 hardly old in the general scheme of things. but clearly I have dated myself beyond recognition.  We are living in a world where Bob the Builder, Bacugons, and Dora the Explorer have taken over.  Now, I am not an activist against television, quite the contrary.  I teach 4 year old boys and girls, who have the ability to absorb all they hear and see, and I find that the shows (in general) are becoming more educational teaching everything from colors and numbers to spanish, as well as working together, sharing emotions, and problem solving.  However, I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel somewhat dated and rather saddened by the fact that the classics as I know them, are gone.  But, the new generation will grow up knowing things that...when they are in their 20's their children will look at them in confusion.  A cycle, that has been going on since the beginning.  To prove a point...Who can remember surfside 6?  What generation do you belong to?

"Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower!"

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