Saturday, January 28, 2012


Patience is man's greatest virtue or so the saying goes...I remember that line from a book I read about gymnastics many years ago.  In recent weeks I have been working hard to remember this sentence because recently, struggling wouldn't even begin to cover how I am sometimes feeling.  Self motivation is a powerful thing, but to hold on to the intensity of it for extended periods of time is proving harder than one would anticipate.  Sometimes it is beneficial to have an outside motivator who can give encouragement even when you don't feel that things are going well.  Small victories seem larger when appreciated by those you care about.  I have accomplished many things in my life so far, but my biggest challenges still await me.  In the course of the year I will have to continuously find the inner strength to continue, to stay positive when things aren't going well, I will need to find a way to overcome pain, frustration, and occasional ignorance.  I will need to overcome fears and stand as a team.  I am learning now at 27 years of age that life is truly what you make of it.  I am sometimes saddened at the thought that it took me this long to realize, but better late than never!  Each day is a new day, and when things are tough or seem hard to handle...I will try to remember that everyone has bad days, and I am going to work harder to make it better.

just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower!

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